My House is a Mess But so What

My house is a mess, but so what.

Ok I have to admit, I have been trying to get my house under control since we moved in (6 years ago). Don’t judge me, I have always had the mindset that I needed to keep stuff because I never know when I might need it again. Recently I have begun to adopt the mindset that I need to clean house and simplify in order to make room for my blessings. I was on a roll until I had to clean out my work office. My plan was to clean and organize the garage to make room for the stuff that I have to move out, but it has been so dang ole hot (we topped 115 in early July) that I have been unable todo as planned. So my quick fix was to go to store and buy a bunch of containers to stack in the garage until we move into a bigger house. I am even considering, really considering getting a “She Shed,” so that I can corral my workspace and actually get stuff out of the house and garage.

Well I am happy to report that I am taking baby steps, but steps indeed. When I was packing and moving out of my work office, I made the decision to leave behind things I absolutely did not need. A microwave, toaster, Keurig, mini fridge and a few fixtures would be a blessing for the next occupant. It felt so good to let go of the stuff. Of course when I excitedly told my hubby, he was like we could have used that stuff for the yard sale. He is totally an enabler. Believe me, we have enough stuff in that garage to hold numerous garage sales.

Things I have accomplished:
  • Organized my closet and put away all the clean laundry I had
  • Began degreasing the stove
  • Sorted through my books and pulled out ones that I could donate- even had my daughter go drop them off at goodwill
  • Deep cleaned the living room, although you would never know it looking at the mess right now
  • Set up an area in a corner for me to film videos

That’s about it

Now here are things I want to accomplish:
  • Re-clean living room - move containers to garage
  • Purge and organize my kitchen cubards- wipe them down as well
  • Finish degreasing the stovetop
  • Purge, organize and inventory the pantry

My Filming Area đŸ˜¢

So I bet you are wondering what my timeline is. Well lets just say, if all goes well and we have the yard sale, then this will be done by the end of the week.

Wish me luck!