Living My Life Like It's Golden

So I recently joined a book club and for the month of July we are reading "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel
Hollis. After I finished the first chapter, I an ah a moment. Ok stay with me while I break this down. Those that know me understand that I always have some type of project going on. It could be a craft project, skin care classes or even selling insurance. Add to that, working a full time job as an assistant principal of a high school and then being a basketball/baseball/cheer mom. Sometimes I stress over what people may think of me because I’m always changing things up. I have been asked over and over again, “how do you handle all that stuff?” My response “I don’t know, I just do it.” So it dawned on me that is not the truth, there is so much more to my process. Ok back to my ah ha moment. I’m a teacher by trade and I truly believe, just naturally. I was put on this earth to teach people things but what? How about teaching people about me. Wait what? I can teach people how I do the things I do and still breathe. I can teach them about my lifestyle. And so this Lifestyle Blog was born.

So what exactly is a lifestyle blog? I look at it like this… it’s a record of the things I do in my life that I share with friends (and strangers) with the hope the lessons I learn will help others and keep them from making the same mistakes. So welcome to my blog, its so nice to meet you; virtually. Let’s begin by telling you who they heck I am.

My name is Charne’ M. Tunson and I live in an amazing town in the valley of Los Angeles. I am married to my college sweetheart- who says you don’t get anything out of college- and have three amazing children. Well technically Chloe just turned 18 and is considered an adult, but believe me that girl is all child. Shanel is the middle child and is 16 years old. And my son Shawn Christian is the youngest. I call him My Mercedes because when he becomes a professional athlete, he is going to buy his momma a Mercedes Benz but I digress. My hubby Shawn Paul and I have been married for 18 years (come this August) and if you have done the math you realize that Chloe was born before we were married. Now don’t get me wrong, we didn’t get married because I had a child, we just sped up the process. I will save that for another blog post. Let’s see what else do you need to know about me. Oh yea I mentioned earlier that I was an assistant principal at a high school. Last year made my sixth year as an assistant principal. My first two years I was at a middle school and oh lord, I have tons to share about that experience.

So now that I am at crossroad in my life, I have decided that I will no longer do things just to please other people, but I will do things to please me. This means that my blog will be about all the different things that I enjoy, obsess over and are willing to try. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this journey.