Turning 33

So I really have decided to make myself a priority this year. Like many wives and mothers, I have always put taking care of everyone else first, then if there was some time left for me (which there never was), then I would do something for myself. Well in honor of my birthday I did something that I have not done in a long time, I went shopping for me and only for me. I bought some really hot bandage heels (at least thats what Chloe calls them), a pair of skinny jeans which are one size too small, a ton of jewelry (I love the $2.95 prices at H&M) and a couple of lace front wigs. Which by the way I am already addicted to- but I will save that for another day's blog.
It felt really good to shop for me, but of course I will spend Monday returning some things that I just got caught up in the moment with :) but I'm thinking I will pick up another pair of skinny jeans. Hey they really make me feel skinny. I feel good about this birthday. In fact it was one of the better ones, and I got a chance to spend it with my mother, my husband and kids, my father and my girlfriends- all over a three day period.
Whew, not I need a vacation from the celebration.